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In-store Retail Transformation
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Smart Retail

Comprehensive In-store Analytics with Real-world Big Data

Multiple Sensors Analysis

Find out shopper behaviour and preference via video, WiFi and multiple sensors analysis without bothering customers. Simply with one day installation, and start enjoy 24-7-365 BI analytics service.

A.I. Retail Science

Scientific measurement meets the real-world insights - it's the most valued big data for predicting shopper behaviour, improving in-store operation, decreasing cost and increasing sales revenue.

Cloud Service Monthly Charge

Provide total analytics solution via cloud-based platform and monthly subscription service. All data is encrypted with high security.


Stop the Guesswork. Here's the Key to Store Optimization.

Shopper Traffic

Storefront/In-store Traffic

Zone/Level Traffic

Shopper Track

Shopper Track Ratio

Display Optimization

Popular Goods

Popularity of In-store Goods

Find out Goods with Problem

In-store Hotspot

Popular Area with Shopper Duration

Display and Aisle Optimization

Customer Loyalty

Ratio and Visit Frequency of Repeated/Loyal Customer

Shopper Visit

Visit Duration and Frequency, Efficient Visit Duration with Deals

Transaction Analysis

Sales Revenue, Sales Conversion, A.T.V., U.P.T.

Queue and Service

Queue Management, Checkout Service Efficiency

Shopper Demographic

Shopper's Gender and Age

Traffic/Sales Prediction

Traffic & Sales Prediction with Weather Condition

Staff Optimization

Staff Shifting, Service Quality and Operational Efficiency

Performance Analysis

A/B Test, Sales Promotion & Window Display Performance


The Best Solution for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers





Sports Complex

Cosmetics & Pharmacy

Telecom & Electronics




The Best Solution for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers



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  • 2015 Nov

    TVBS TV Program Interview

    TVBS TV Program 10pm News Coverage

  • 2015 Dec

    GMIC Taiwan Startup Champion

    SkyREC won the G-Startup Worldwide 2016 at Global Mobile Internet Conference Taipei.

  • 2015 Dec

    TVBS TV Program Interview

    TVBS TV Program 23th episode

  • 2016 Mar

    Fukuoka City x IDEAS Show Startup Competition Award

    Asia Beat Award & CES Asia Award.

  • 2016 May

    Slush Asia Startup Champion

    SkyREC won at Slush Asia 2016, out of the best 60 companies selected to the competition.

  • 2016 Jul

    IDEAS Show @ APEC Judge's Award

    SkyREC won at IDEAS Show @ APEC.

  • 2016 Jul

    Fukuoka City Startup Champion

    SkyRec awarded Fukuoka Startup Package.

  • 2016 Aug

    Megazine 30 Interview

    Megazine 30 cover story Interview

  • 2016 SEP

    Nvidia GTC Taiwan 2016

    SkyREC was introduced to GTC Taiwan 2016 by Jen-Hsun Huang, the president and CEO of NVIDIA

  • 2016 OCT

    GWC G-Summit in San Francisco

    Represent Taiwan GMIC Startup Competition Winner at GWC 2016 G-Summit in SF, USA

  • 2016 NOV

    Fukuoka Selection

    Invited by Fukuoka City Government to present Taiwan attending Fukuoka Selection in Japan

  • 2016 NOV

    Economic Daily News

    Economic Daily News Interview

  • 2016 DEC

    Intel Startup Event

    Represent Taiwan attending Intel Startup Event in Xiamen

  • 2016 DEC

    USTV TV Interview

  • 2017 FEB

    《Business Weekly》Cover Story Interview

    Magazine《Business Weekly》Cover Story Interview

  • 2017 FEB

    TVBS TV Program Interview

  • 2017 FEB

    VIVOTEK T-Day Bangkok

    Demo day with leading camera partner VIVOTEK in Bangkak, Thailand

  • 2017 FEB

    2017 Taipei Smart City Expo

    Introducing smart vending machine with TECO Technologies with SkyREC facial recognition

  • 2017 MAR

    Asia Leaders Summit 2017

    Invited to attend Asia Leaders Summit 2017, sharing SkyREC A.I application in retail business

  • 2017 APR

    Invited to attend Slush Tokyo 2017 as a speaker, shared SkyREC A.I application infront of over 500 startups all over the world.

  • 2017 APR

    Next TV Broadcasting special Interview

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